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One of the greatest lacquer studios of Japan, Kitamura studio, under the guidance of Mr. T. Kitamura, creates works of lacquer art that stand at the pinnacle of Japanese tradition, bringing a craft that has existed for hundreds of years into the present, exemplifying the passion to preserve the soul, spirit and identity of traditional Japanese culture as expressed in the Edo period. This superlative work engages us immediately on a physical level and one can only stand in awe at the commitment, patience and dedication required to create these works of art. The dial shown here, using the technique of lacquering with Saiei Makie and takes many months of work to complete. The raw materials for its creation are: Kinpun (gold dust), Jyunkin-itakane (gold leaf), platinium leaf, Yakou-gai (shell of great green turban) and black lacquer.

This Unique Piece of Art Hatou, literally means billows. The hidden notion behind the theme is “Life”, having various waves as in ripples (small waves) and heaving billows (high waves), such ups and downs, both big and small, are just like one’s Life. Dial describes the billows, while heaving and breaking, it looks like man hand is about grabbing bright future.

This symbiosis of Japanese tradition with the Swiss Haute Horlogerie creations of Kari Voutilainen represents an all-embracing mechanical and visual work of art that unites the East and West in perfect harmony.