Kari Voutilainen’s timepieces are well known to exclusive collectors around the globe, and his unique expertise with repeater wristwatches set him at the very pinnacle of fine watchmaking. This new publication celebrating Kari Voutilainen’s 30 years as a watchmaker and teacher, as well as the 10-year anniversary of the founding of his independent atelier, is however much more than the title at first suggests. The present volume covers these aspects – and much more – in a highly detailed yet comprehensible and engaging language for watchmakers and non-watchmakers alike.

Facets of technical watchmaking such as the differences between classical minute repeaters and the Voutlainen decimal repeater, how special tools and machines are used, even some insider’s secrets of watchmaking behind attaining the production of a pure and voluminous repeater sound are divulged. A red thread through the entire publication is a detailed assessment of the differences and challenges faced by independent watchmakers in comparison to the Swiss mainstream brands. The book is specifically aimed at watch lovers who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of watchmaking as well as young watchmakers who might be considering entering the independent field on their own. The texts of Theodore Diehl are presented in a highly visual format, accompanied with exceptional photography by Ralf Baumgarten, Guy Lucas de Peslouan and others, designed by Baumann & Baumann.

This large format 21,0 x 29,7 cm, contains 272 pages with about 200 photos. It is printed on PhoeniXmotion finest paper, 150 g/m², thread-bound with hard cover in colour.

The Kari Voutilainen book is available by
Editions Antoine Simonin | www.booksimonin.ch