Minute Repeater 10

Watch Description

Minute repeater 10 is a follow up for the custom made unique repeaters. The new Minute Repeater 10 retains the clear and easily readable dial seconds placement at 6 o’clock of the previous repeating watches. The movement, case and dial have been executed without the slightest compromise, as can be expected from all wristwatches created by the Voutilainen atelier. The hand made, 18-carat gold dial has anthracite grey color.

The unusual, difficult to manufacture, hardened Stainless steel “Stavax” case is created with an exceptional level of finish. This case is made to achieve the loud and clear strike of the repeating mechanism. Open dial allows us to admire the beauty of the repeating mechanism. According to the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions, the bridges, springs, hammers and other parts of the movement have received hand-finished anglage; the surfaces of the bridges are adorned with Geneva stripes and the mainplate with snail graining.

Due to 38 mm size and the lightness of the case, watch is very comfortable to wear. The minute repeater 10 is the latest example of how a client’s desire for an exceptional and personalized timepiece can be realized by the Voutilainen atelier.