Minute Repeater|Power Reserve

Watch Description

This unique decimal minute repeater is a brilliant example of creativity and workmanship. Watch case back has art work is realized by master engraver Mr. Eddy Jaquet. This work is inspired by the Finnish Lion, the emblem used in the official Finnish flag, located at the middle of the blue cross. It is realised with different materials; rose gold, lion white gold, sabre, and red enamel surrounding this work of art. The movement is finished with highest standards; down to the finest details. Hand polished screws, bridges are hand polished bevels and countersinks. The chimes, activated by moving the slide on the case band; strikes by hours, ten minutes followed by minutes – similar to how time is read. The dial has a unique configuration with the power reserve hand in the middle of the dial indication, on sector 12 to 3. Small seconds are situated at 7.